La Granja Review

First Impression By Louis Spencer JR |

Transport Phase

The Transport Phase is where goods from your fields or player board are delivered to your market barrows or craft buildings. At the start of this phase each player chooses one of their donkey markers. The donkey markers display either one, two, three or four donkeys (representing the number of deliveries a player can perform) and then either three, two, one or zero siesta hats. Siesta hats allow a player to move up the Siesta Track which determines turn order for the next round and grants victory points depending on how far they have progressed up the Siesta Track that turn.

Depending on the donkey marker selected a player then performs that many deliveries to the market barrows or relevant craft building. (i.e. if a player selects the three donkey/one siesta marker then they can move three resources to a market barrow or craft building and move one space up the Siesta track). If a market barrow is completed then the player receives a trade commodity and places a marker (to represent a building) on the market board. If a craft building is completed then the relevant bonus is taken and added to the players farm.

Once a donkey marker is used it cannot be used again until the start of the fourth round so careful selection of the donkey markers is crucial. Depending on a players farm extensions extra donkey deliveries can be purchased at the end of the transportation phase.

Scoring Phase

The Scoring Phase is the final phase in the round. Each player scores points for the buildings on the main market board and their position on the Siesta Track. The Siesta Track is rest to zero and new roof tiles are revealed.

Play continues this way until all 6 rounds have been played and the final scores are calculated. The player with the most victory points is declared the winner.

Free Actions

At any time in the game players can buy and sell any goods for the prices displayed on the player board. Players can also upgrade their harvest goods (Olives to olive oil, grape to wine, grain to food and pigs to meat) for a cost.

Players can also exchange any trade commodities to gain four silver, two different harvest goods, upgrade two harvest goods free of charge, play a card, draw a card or gain a pig.

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