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Pyramid of Pengqueen is coming from Brain Games in June 2018. You may know Brain Games from their hugely successful game Ice Cool, which won the German Children’s Game of the Year award in 2017. Off the back of this success, Brain Games have themed Pyramid of Pengqueen in the Ice Cool universe.

The game is a re-theme of an older Ravesburger title from Germany – Fluch der Mumie – which was one of the most highly rated children’s games on Board Game Geek. So what can we expect from the new version?

The Gameplay

Up to four brave penguins can take on the adventure to search out treasure inside the Pyramid of Pengqueen. Trapped inside the pyramid, their only hope is to out-run the mummy, collecting magical objects to break the mummy’s curse.

Up to four players can play as the penguins, whilst one player takes on the role of the mummy, sitting on the opposite side of the vertical board. The mummy cannot see the location of the penguins, but each turn they will know how the penguins have moved and may be able to deduce their location.

Meanwhile, the penguins can track the movement of the mummy, since it moves a magnetic piece on the opposite side of the board. Rolling the dice will allow the penguins to move, but as you roll more mummy faces, you’ll have to decide whether to give the mummy an extra chance to catch you or take the risk of slow movement from bad dice rolls.

With a mixture of push-your luck, deduction and set-collection, Pyramid of Pengqueen makes a really fun kids game, as well as an educational one.

Pyramid of Pengqueen – Coming Soon

There is no doubt that Pyramid of Pengqueen will offer fantastic table presence and really tactile gameplay. This game attracts the attention of passers-by and I imagine it will be a big hit with kids who will love the theme, as well as the magnets.

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